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… that I’m not so much interested in season 1 and 2 anymore. I jump directly into the new season 3. I’m not a highschool girl anymore and all this highschool-uniform-look bores me. I love the grown-up Ms Waldorf style! It’s independent and strong and also very feminine. The only true style for a queen!

Everytime I’m looking at a new Blair-outfit I feel the need to find out where I could buy similar clothes and accessoires to accomplish the look. Weirdly, I don’t necessary feel the need to buy them. So I post my findings here in case you are are up for a shopping spree. However, having a restricted budget myself, I try to stay below $100 (or £50) per item so you don’t only have to dream of Blair’s style – you can actually have it! 🙂


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Hello world,

how nice to see you! I am seriously obsessed with Blair Waldorf’s style and this blog is supposed to serve to communicate this obsession to the world *haha*. In order to do so I will have to rely on pictures I found online, after all I’m not on set to take pictures myself. Many of these pictures will legally belong to CW and I very much hope this is fine for the purpose of this blog. Some pictures will be nipped from other blogs or webpages and I don’t always tell the exact location (very often because I saved pics on my computer and now  don’t remember where they’re from). If a particular picture is yours and I took it and you’re not ok with it – please tell me! Of course it’s your right to insist that I label it or take it off completely.

On the other hand this note might be completely irrelevant because no one *ever* stumbles over this blog. Oh well.. we’ll see.

In any case, given that you are already here to read this: Have fun!

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